Game Ball

UpdatedFriday November 8, 2019 byBaystate conference.

AYF 2015 Sanctioned Football:

The AYF Sanctioned football manufacturer is Wilson. AYF strongly recommends using an AYF Wilson football (leather or composite) during the regular season games.

As the exclusive ball of the postseason, AYF requires the use of an AYF logo Wilson football during all AYF-sanctioned tournament and postseason play. This includes regional tournaments   and the AYF National Championships. A team can play with their own game ball ONLY if it is a Wilson Football; if teams do not bring their own AYF Wilson Game Ball, one will be provided at game time.


The following football sizes will be followed for each level of play:

  9U - K2
10U - K2
11U - TDJ
12U – TDJ
13U – TDY
14U – TDY

Leather or Composite is acceptable